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Special Events

Need a place to store goods between shipments? Delivery Lane can park your warehouse product until you’re ready to send it on to your customers by Air or regional delivery. Our Bay Area warehouses are climate-controlled to protect your packages from heat and humidity, and constantly monitored to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Once your customer calls to place an order, we can have it on a truck, plane or delivered locally within hours — or even minutes in some cases.

When you need to store goods between shipments
these are the services which DLX provides:


Many times the order has to be stalled or there is a delay from the recipients end and thus he is not able to receive the order due to some unavoidable reasons and it is in these times that warehouses by DLX come in valuable as they are able to temporarily park the products and shipments there and thus a lot of unwarranted expense and damage is controlled.


These warehouses are climate controlled and thus there is minimal damage to goods while in the warehouse and in transit. This is especially important when there are some items which can get spoilt in heat or dampness. Thus the products are safe in the warehouse and they do not get spoilt or go waste.


With DLX you need not worry about the security of your products in transit. There is a full team of security personal who are always on high alert and protect the shipments in transit and the warehouse at all times 24x7.


Apart from storing the products, once the delivery order comes to DLX the courier is safely shipped to the final destination without any delay. The delivery is done as soon as possible and extra safety is taken for products which can be damaged and the delivery team takes precautions and ensures a safe delivery.


Thus by using the services of DLX the business saves on a lot of money and also damage is ruled out and security is provided.

Thus by parking your shipment at DLX warehouses during special events help control damage, ensure safety and is very cost effective as the delivery of the product is safe and within time.

First Mile/ Last Mile

  • Pick-Up & Delivery
  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Asset Recovery
  • Transportation of Screened Cargo
  • Equipment
  • Straight Trucks, Box Trucks, Vans & Tractor Trailers
  • Air Ride trucks & Trailers
  • GPS Tracking
  • Lift Gates
  • Driver Security
  • Drivers are TSA screened and trained
  • Background Checks: DOT, Criminal
  • DOT Drug screen procedures are in place
  • Drivers & helpers are uniformed
  • Drivers carry picture IDs
  • EDI
  • Receiving EDI Alerts
  • Shipment Tracking through Milepost Updates
  • PODs and Charges
  • Scanned Image FTPS upload nightly
  • Web Based Tracking

Residential Services

  • White Glove
  • Inside
  • Room of Choice
  • Lite Assembly
  • Debris Removal
  • Standard Services
  • Notification upon Arrival
  • Setting Appointments
  • Appointment Specific Deliveries
  • Dedicated two man teams
  • Threshold
  • Saturday residential delivery
  • EDI updates and PODs
  • Scanned Document FTP Upload Nightly
  • Web Based Tracking
  • Driver Security
  • Drivers are TSA screened and trained
  • Background Checks: DOT, Criminal
  • DOT Drug screen procedures are in place
  • Drivers & helpers are uniformed
  • Drivers carry picture IDs

Warehouse Services

  • Short & Long Term Storage (Space Available)
  • Pick & Pull Operations
  • Consolidations
  • Security
  • CCTV Cameras Interior & Exterior
  • Centrally Monitored Alarm System
  • Restricted Access to the Warehouse, Office & Server room
  • Warehouse employees are TSA trained and qualified
  • Warehouse personnel Background checks in place: Criminal, DOT
  • Random security patrols nightly, weekends and holidays
  • Warehouse employees are TSA and TWIC card approved

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