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Cross Docking Solution

The established approach of supply chain management through which handling of supplies and storage is curtailed, from production till the shelves of store, is cross-docking. It is resourceful method that saves time as well as money. It also raises the effectiveness of organizing the practice to store. The products from retailers are shipped to the customers at a minimal cost. Many companies rely on cross-docking when it is most needed. Whereas there are many companies that utilize cross docking services as a customary approach. The retailers must be familiar with the uses of cross-docking. It can enable them to work with the suppliers to ship the products in combinations to reach the stores.

The Model of Cross-Docking

For the shipment carrying trucks to be loaded and unloaded there are several docks at a cross-dock delivery hub. These docks are also known as multiple doors. Consignment from supplier reaches on a separate dock on other side of the delivery hub. Then they are sorted, with various consignments, to be delivered by the cross docking providers. After which these consignments are loaded on the outbound trucks from a separate dock on different side of the delivery hub.

The shipping of a consignment or product from a supplier to a retailer is as such :-

  • A supplier sends a product to the delivery center.
  • The product gets unloaded at a dock.
  • The product is put onto a conveyor belt.
  • The product gets sorted as per final destination.
  • The sorted product shifts along with other products of the same destination.
  • All the sorted products are moved to the dock of outbound trucks.
  • The outbound trucks are loaded to full capacity and leaves for the definite destination.

The Answers Retailers get through Cross-Docking

A retailer can get many benefits using the cross docking services. They are

1. Huge cut in cost involving labor

2. Enormous decrease in time for distribution

3. Massive slash in expenditures for storage

A retailer would be very much benefitted by the cross docking providers, if they

1. Receive the all the products at the same distribution center, even if the suppliers are different, and

2. Sort out and load all the products in a delivery truck to be delivered directly to the stores from the same distribution center.

To make such things happen, some basic things must be followed

a) To collect precise ‘advanced shipping notice’ from bulk number of suppliers

b) To use labels of ‘bar-code’ on every package

c) To maintain effective and mechanized ‘warehouse management system’ in keeping up all the information of packages

A retailer must use the cross docking services of a competent company to manage all the cross-docking processes. There are many cross docking providers who can support in receiving shipments from suppliers. They would also be responsible for loading and unloading of trucks and make deliveries to the stores. When a product reaches the distribution center, as per strict arrival date, it is verified and then it is loaded. Most of the cross docking providers use certain strategy for the retailer, which is to enhance efficiency of store and sales. Making use of bar-code labels and warehouse management system helps in retrieving information for managing inventory.

The Results Provided by Cross-Docking

There are many solutions in logistics and cross-docking is one of them. The cross docking services can deal with all the extensive varieties of issues of a retailer. Few of the most common Reasons to Use Cross Docking Services are pointed below:-

  • A scheduled delivery should neither be late nor early. If a shipment arrives earlier than it is suppose to be, then the shipment can be handed over to any of the nearby cross docking providers. The shipment can be stored for a day and be delivered next day. On the other hand, if a shipment gets late the cross docking providers can carry on with storage and rescheduling and make the delivery.
  • If a shipment is to arrive at port the cross docking providers would receive the shipment on the retailer’s behalf. They would unload it at their facility and hand back the emptied container. They would store the shipment for the time being and make arrangements for the shipment’s delivery.
  • Sometimes the trucks are loaded with wide-ranging goods. Those that are meant to be delivered earlier may have been placed behind or beneath the products that are to be delivered later on. In such scenario, the goods to be delivered later on can be unloaded at the cross-docking facility. After making deliveries of the scheduled products, the remaining products can be picked up next.
  • If a delivery vehicle gets overweight the cross docking providers can do a rescue. When the vehicle weighs more than it should be these service providers can move the load and even unload the excess shipment. This makes the movement of a truck stress-free.
  • When a retailer is to receive larger amount of goods from various supplier that too in diverse areas, it can be quite a perplex situation. In such situation a retailer can ask any of the cross docking providers to merge all the shipments together and make deliveries further.
  • When any item needs to shipped and stored within certain temperature the cross docking service provider offers such facility also. They maintain certain space in warehouse, where temperature can be controlled. Often there are temperature-sensitive docks within also. At the time of transportation, certain reefer trailers are used, which comprises of temperature-controlled space.
  • Many of the cross docking providers put forward rail siding in their facilities. This enables the boxcars and railcars to reach right into the dock for unloading. Besides such rail siding many providers also has the ‘transload yard.’

To Conclude

Due to the continuous progress in technology the capacity to sync incoming and outgoing movements in logistics is also increasing. That is the reason why cross docking is turning out to be an integral module for logistics.

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