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Same Day Package Delivery

Business organizations are drawing new plans and striving hard to gain that advantage over the competitors.

Recently, we have seen the surge of processing new methods in delivering products. Right from the time-bound delivery to what’s in trend today, the delivery of packages has seen lots of changes. Few years back a customer would never ever thought of getting the ordered product to be delivered same day.

It’s these times that a viewer mostly prefers to shop online because she/he gets the convenience of same-day package delivery. And for businesses this might be the reason to attract consumers, who would build an enduring relationship.

What is Same Day Package Delivery?

Same day package delivery is a method to deliver the product that is purchased on that very day. Delivery on same day is very decisive in fulfilling the expectations of a customer.

A business must keep in mind the expectations of the consumers so to gain recognition among them.

Most retailers or etailers wants to ship an order on the day the order is placed.

And in not doing so there is the threat of delay of a whole day, of the product being delivered. The product which is promoted to be delivered on the same day doesn’t materialize than the customer is displeased.

Sometimes the delivery of package can be undertaken as per the convenience of time, of the customer. With such scheduling also, if the delivery are not completed it might get detrimental for the businesses. Moreover, for a store of ecommerce the reputation gets shaken.

How Crucial is Same Day Package Delivery?

The course of a business or ecommerce can totally transform utilizing same-day delivery. Few stats discussed below will reveal what is in hold for same-day delivery.

  • The percentage of viewers, aged 25-40 years old, who would do online shopping if same-day delivery is provided, is of more than 60%. For viewers of 40-60 years it is around 56% and for those who are aged 60-65 years the average is 40%.
  • The percentage of online shoppers eager to shell out some extra cash for quicker delivery is staggering 88%.
  • Average customers who shop at the last minute during the holidays for gifts from retailers, offering same-day delivery, is more than 75%.
  • Recommendations by consumers to use similar services aggregates to near about 70%.
  • In US, in the year 2017 customers who have spent additional charges to experience delivery on same day is around 48%.
  • An insubstantial percentage, 16% of e-retailers were offering the services of same-day delivery in 2016. Whereas now it is of more than 50%.

Henceforth, it is quite understandable that any business or any retailer that would offer same day package delivery would gain not only through purchases but would also attract potential consumers.

Many people get the wrong notion that just the leading ecommerce businesses can manage to provide delivery on same day. But, lately it has been observed that any business, leading or new ones, are committed to provide such service.

Who can Offer Same Day Package Delivery?

Same day package delivery is currently being done by many large ecommerce stores. But, it can be undertaken by mid-size e-com stores as well as the small or new e-com stores all alike.

Leading ecommerce stores involves its network for delivery and consists of physical stores at crucial points. Most of such businesses handle the whole procedure of logistics on their own. Whereas, some of them has to collaborate with 3PL Companies to manage the services meant for.

On the other hand, mid-size e-com stores have to team up with 3PL service providers to optimize their same-day delivery.

In turn the third-party logistics take help of other main logistics to ship across the network. Thus, the expenses are cut down and the time for transportation is maintained.

These ecommerce stores can try out different options for shipping at different cost. This can help to know how customers advances causing no effect to their costs.

For the small or new e-com stores, there are the local logistics carriers. But, the shipment needs to be placed early to avoid their cutoff time.

Besides that the packaging of the shipment is the sole responsibility of the store itself. This can be a very workable choice of delivering package. Most of the local logistics carriers put forward the option of delivery on same day.

The upcoming businesses must learn properly how their business would be benefitted when they offer such services to the consumers.

How to Accomplish Same Day Package Delivery?

There are some recognized practices which need to be carried out to achieve same day package delivery successfully. This can further enhance opportunities of offering the same service to a wider range of customers.

  • A Certain Cutoff Time to be Defined :- Cutoff time means a particular time of a day, for an order to be confirmed online. It makes sure it would be dispatched that very day.
  • Shipping from the Nearest Distribution Center :- Businesses require to decide up to where they will be making the same-day deliveries. This is to be prepared taking the area codes for consideration. With doing so the distance meant for deliveries would be shorter.
  • The Inventory is to be Distributed Among all the Fulfillment Centers :- Multiple fulfillment centers helps in processing more same-day delivery orders. Having inventories in different time zone helps to reach more customers.
  • Sharing the Updated Info with the Customers :- It is very important to share the whereabouts of a customer’s order. There are many products which are sensitive to time, like some life saving drug.


Same-day delivery is one of the rising demands among shoppers. Those Businesses that have not yet incorporated it in their strategies might encounter some big setbacks.

It is not that only the big names can perform such a feat. Every type of business, irrespective of their size can undertake the concept of delivering on the same day. Without a doubt this mode of delivery will sustain with time.

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