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The Rising Demand of Delivering on the Same Day

Same day dekivery service

Can anyone just think of placing an order in the morning, at a shopping site, and then receiving the product in the evening? Some of the leading retailers are trying to develop this idea and have started testing with the ground-breaking Same Day Delivery Service notion. Will such type of delivery system turn out to be a customary delivery option for all the consumers? The buzz going around rather says it is just a preference for few edgy consumers who are spendthrift. If this method of delivery turns out to be norm, then it will really turn around the approach of getting products delivered. The options for Same Day Delivery Service seem to be gaining popularity and will soon be an “on demand” choice for each and everyone.

The Initiation of Same-Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery ServiceThere are many delivery services who are trying hard to make the option of Same Day Delivery Service as a general measure among its services. They would not be just dealing with the delivery of conventional products but also deliver to local machine shops. Airport pickups and transfers are also to be handled while doing same day delivery service. As of now delivery on the next day or the two day delivery is the customary delivery option in many countries. But, the upcoming, on demand service is going to be the reasonably priced and the well accounted Same Day Delivery Service. Such kind of service providers, to make things happen, relies on the capabilities of various units. Like the Courier services, Cross-Docking services, Fulfillment services and the Warehousing services. When such an inventive process takes shape many more peoples are supposed to become associated with it. The requirement of quicker transportation will rope in more vehicles. Various modes of transport like the cargo vans, aero ride trucks, TCVs, autos, box trucks are going to get inducted in making deliveries.     

Many companies of Logistics are improvising on to offer Same Day Delivery Service as per customer’s demand. That means every order a customer places can be customized for the delivery. Every customer has different priorities and most of the companies are making an effort to cater every customer’s individual request. The Same Day Delivery Service services are trying to provide viable improvement as well as cut the expenditure. Business organizations send cargo in bulk quantity which is then sorted out for the smaller routes and then they are delivered. This is all done in the same day. A team related to Same Day Delivery Service services have to procure orders, get them ready or prepared, and then dispatch them within the same day. What this team basically does is press on through the orders during the early morning or through the night-time. The customers can start counting on the logistics services to get their products delivered on the same day itself.

Profits of Same-Day Delivery Services:

  1. A Delighted Customer: Satisfaction of customer is guaranteed through the execution of Same Day Delivery Service. A customer is supposed to take delivery of the product, the day when delivery service is handed over the product to deliver. It will not only give gladness to a customer but it can also boost a manufacturing unit or a factory, when an important product or machine part is delivered in time, when it is needed most.  
  2. Less Expense on Storage: The cost of storing freight will get cut down tremendously. The product or goods is delivered the same day it is ordered. If airport pickups are delivered the same day the need to store freights will also diminish.
  3. Decrease in Damages: Since the products don’t needs too much handling there will be fewer chances of damages. As per Same Day Delivery Service the products of consumer are handled only thrice, when it is received, when it is loaded, and when it is delivered.

The retailers who are carrying their business online are likely to get advantage from the lessened time of delivery if the Same Day Delivery Service becomes a common practice. When online retailers get instant access to products it enhances their position while competing with the store owners. This is when online shoppers are more lured to the wider choices, superior ease and the cheaper rates. On the other hand the stationary retailers can utilize an exclusive prospect to merge their on hand local arrangements through a channel of e-commerce to put forward Same Day Delivery Service, on an extensive level. A well planned tactic should make them possible to attract consumers who are day by day inclined towards shopping online only.  

According to a study, only 15% of retailers globally cater to the customer’s needs through same-day delivery. So, a retailer must identify the prospectives and alter the approach of sales. This can be great aspect to catch new consumers as well as provide that service which the 85% of retailers are not able to do.

A Huge Prospective for Logistics Providers as well as Businesses

1. Potentials for Online Shoppers:- The concept of Same Day Delivery Service will surely raise the experience of shopping online. This will also offer the customers to experience a new level of comfort and utility. The perception of Same Day Delivery Service might receive dominant consumer value if the varieties of products are made available easily over the Internet from dedicated and specific retailers. When this feature is blended ideally with precise cost which an e-commerce can offer and making available the product in the same day itself it can turn out to be a worthy proposition. But, there are some complexities when it comes to deliver product on the same day. So, the price or the charges of Same Day Delivery Service are supposed to escalate above the normal delivery charges.

2. Potentials for Local Traders:- Traders who deal locally have an edge as they exist in the same locality as the shoppers. Depending upon the local infrastructure they might be able to fulfill their customer’s demand of Same Day Delivery Service. When the local businesses are close to their customers they can possibly deliver the product the customer bought on the same day. They can even get the option for exact time of delivery as per customer’s convenience. The stores and shops that thrive locally are approaching the e-commerce channels to add them in their distributors catalog. If the concept of Same Day Delivery Service shapes up well, the local traders might be able to attract a good amount of customers. During the last few years the local shops and stores have lost considerable amount of shoppers due to the rising trend of shopping online.   

As a whole, making delivery on the same-day or the Same Day Delivery Service is equally an enormous prospect in addition to the functional challenge meant for the logistics providers. Both the online traders and the offline traders are the normal partners for any logistics providers who want the Same Day Delivery Service theory to materialize. The primary inclination of growing implementation of e-commerce is going to generate a powerful push for moving ahead from the existing standard of delivery to the same-day delivery option. A company which does delivery services must be able to pull out the different kinds of logistics like the freight services, courier services as well as warehouse services. The trends followed by the retailers as well as logistics providers can be the driving factors for developing same-day delivery. But, such factors can significantly differ depending on areas or regions. Even then the development of same-day delivery is bound to happen, though at diverse pace.

The Summary

The providers of Logistics services require equipping themselves with the ongoing alteration as well as become accustomed accordingly to the network they do possess.  The Logistics providers must have to adjust their system from the existing style of delivery to the potentials of Same Day Delivery Service. Additionally, there is a good prospect to develop the services of delivery doers as well as for the business companies.   

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