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Same-Day Delivery – The Next Evolutionary Step in Parcel Logistics

same day delivery

The manner how we purchase products through the Internet is certainly going to change with the potential of same-day delivery. It puts together the handiness of online trade with the closeness of a local retail store. During the recent time a growing amount of businesses have begun conducting and working on innovative designs of same-day delivery. It also consists of current leaders of Logistic service provider. The requirement is estimated to rise extensively if provided a convincing assessment plan for consumers of same-day delivery.

At the first thought it seems like an impossible task. The customary approach of delivery within 2 to 3 days often at times creates quite hue and cry. To further decrease the time frame to less than 2-3 days appears to be a humongous challenge. Some apparent challenges do exist to design an effecting approach through Supply chain technology so that same-day delivery is handled with results. Nevertheless, this service is feasible to put forward if precise arrangement and course of action are adopted, with a sustainable price.

The Sudden Surge of Parcel Logistics

The main force that drives a business-to-consumer Parcel logistics provider is the online retail. It also generated a serious development in the way services were offered aiming for better convenience. Together with delivery options and alternative pickup, swiftness is the foremost thrust in the growth of logistics of same day delivery. At present the customary approach of delivery in most developed nations is the two-day delivery or the next-day delivery. But, it has to be noted that retailers and logistics providers who are advanced technologically can only deal with deliveries on same day.

As the mode of same-day delivery becomes operational, a customer is supposed to receive the product in just 24 hours or as per the time chosen on that very day. Making deliveries within the same day is going to bring down the service gap offered for the local deliveries as well as the domestic ones. It is surely going to leave behind business-to-business sector in terms of quantity of consignments and deliveries. Delivery on the same day gives together the usefulness of shopping online along with the instant access to product.

The Rapid Rise of Online Market

During the early years when Internet surfaced, couple of companies tried to initiate the same-day delivery option. But, they could not come out successful because of the demand was deficient. They attempted to incorporate all the methods and fell short of putting up a stable business structure around. At present, the demand for quicker delivery is swinging in the direction of subsequent phase of improvement. One of the leading retailers of the online world, Amazon is enthusiastically supporting the logistics of same day delivery. To pursue the assurance of being a true provider of customer satisfaction, this organization by now has launched this service in various cities.

With the effect being noticed, few top online retailers are also incorporating logistics of same day delivery into their agenda. In the leading stages there are quite a few schemes to be carried out. So, all the online retailers might not be able to make considerable returns from same-day delivery. To promote same-day delivery successfully a company needs to start new channels and Parcel logistics provider to further strengthen the Supply chain technology. Same-day delivery will grow with trend, besides with the cleverness of a seller and dexterity of the logistics providers.

In spite of what the market is, same-day delivery promises incredible prospective. The demand to catch this service is increasing speedily among customers. According to an analysis, the value of products delivered was about 3.35 billion dollars in 2017. As per some predictions 20%-25% of entire orders might be for same-day delivery in the next couple of years. The experience of shopping online, in many metropolitan cities, will reach a new level of efficacy when same- day delivery will be taken out.

How to initiate Same-Day Delivery?

Supplying to the demand of same-day delivery is extremely valuable. In a survey, conducted worldwide, an astonishing percentage of customers are prepared to give extra charges for same-day delivery. Those businesses that have the logistics of same day delivery can enhance their sales and also the conversion rates. This step of development in parcel logistics can be counted both as enormous prospects along with operational challenges. Many logistic companies can make huge impact with their in-hand network, for same-day delivery. With such encouraging factors, businesses to a greater extent are getting prepared to put forward same-day delivery. But, this cannot be done straight away. There are few matters to understand related to Supply chain technology, which enables delivery in same day.

  • Assessment of Supply Chain:- By assessing the working of a supply chain and recognizing the inadequacy in its operation, an understandable depiction will come into view. This will help in altering the requirements to fasten the essentials. Such assessment comprises evaluating the precision of a Parcel logistics provider or assessment of the workers conduct at delivery center.
  • Competent Delivery Model:- For same-day delivery altering overall to a innovative delivery model possibly will be most excellent for a business. The Hub-and-spoke approach could endow a business with most important centers of distribution along with facilities of cross-docking. Rather than having a fundamental warehouse, having such facilities will be worthy, that too if they are located close to the customers. This model further helps the logistics of same day delivery to perform well-timed deliveries between distribution centers, suppliers and cross-docks.
  • Organizing the Warehouse:- It is very important for the businesses to organize their warehouses once they develop the supply chain intended for carrying out same-day delivery services. Putting into operation an efficient warehouse management system (WMS) is completely necessary. Organizing a warehouse also means to create the workflow for a day. It should depend on distinctiveness of orders, the plan to dispatch order, work force and limitations of equipments or tools.

To Conclude

Convenience and saving time for the clients are to two most important benefits for delivery of a product within minimum time. For the business, it enhances sale and bring over more opportunities. Many times the product may be a life-saving drug which is very essential from medical point of view. In such case, not taking the services of same-day delivery would be too dangerous. This latest form of delivery service is quite pleasing for those businesses, who want to keep their clients satisfied.

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