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When the businesses start to deal with consumer supplies, a major task is to physically distribute the supplies. And in doing so warehousing plays an important role. A huge structure meant to store the supplies, commercially, is said to be warehouse. Delivery Lane Express gives solutions of warehousing to businesses of all kinds and stature. The warehouse of DLX is located suitably situated in the city of Hayward, California. It is in the center of the Bay Area. It would be providing all the storage facilities along with order fulfillments. Any business is supposed to get benefits from this warehouse in California. Besides, our staffs are extremely talented and can impeccably handle the solutions of supply chain from the start till the end.

DLX Warehousing Services

If you choose to use our Warehouse services for business purposes you would be entitled to receive some benefits. One such benefit is our logistics experts will help you in the process material management so that you can cut down its operating cost and flow. The next one being, our facility is clean, safe and secured, so you don’t have to worry about your shipments. You can trust us while giving custody of your shipments. We give total attention to guarantee that your shipments will remain protected in our warehouse. We offer our customers access to the web, through inventory system, so that they can track the status of their order. The technology that supports our inventory system is the Xcelerator. It is capable of giving real-time updates related to handling and distribution of products during the various stages of logistics.

Delivery Lane Express is also very well familiar in managing containers while cross-docking even if it is truckloads or merely some pallets. Any customer can use our warehouse in California to store their shipments or packages for as many days as convenient or even for few hours. More than often we are always prepared to assist our customers in making the final-mile delivery. Many customers even seek our help in loading and unloading of consignments in the ports nearby.

Our warehouse in California serves as a distribution center for San Francisco Bay Area. Since Hayward city is well connected to the Northern California area it provides excellent access for the businesses. Due to the strategic location most of our customers find it resourceful for making deliveries. That is why our california warehousing and distribution facilities draws so much customers.

What comprises our warehousing facility?

  1. This warehouse in California is of twenty five thousand square foot. Besides an enormous floor it has racks for proper stacking.
  2. For storing life saving drugs and similar healthcare products special temperature controlled storages are available.
  3. It is under the constant vigilance of security. The surveillance with digital video is done 24 hours.
  4. It is well equipped to deal with any fire incident. We have installed pressure fire system.
  5. Bugs and insects are kept at bay through the use of pest control measures.
  6. We facilitate both long term and short term storing of products.
  7. There are elevated docks for trucks as trucks are allowed right inside the facility. For many of our customers we give special discounts on trucking. This is also one of our most worthy Warehouse services.
  8. This warehouse of DLX is within 30 minutes drive from all major airports nearby – San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, San Jose International Airport.
  9. You can also get dropshipping facility, services of order fulfillment, e-fulfillment and transferring of shipments from one warehouse to another.
  10. Our facility is enabled with Radio Frequency system. This warehouse management software helps in lessening the picking errors. It can also help in managing your stocks in real-time.
  11. This california warehousing facility also is a place where customers can work out on their assembly, and get their products picked and packed.

Our Striking Performances

A highly rated california warehousing facility such as ours, DLX, also caters to the different needs and requirements of client. It is a customized approach. We recognize the client’s requirements and accordingly offer them logistics support. Thus, our client’s get more opportunities to focus on the business issues and also the expenses are reduced. We are using our skill, experience and ability to put forward the finest and promising Warehouse services at such a cost which would be effective and affordable by all. Hence, we can state that we provide such warehousing facility which is wide-ranging, customized and result oriented

. A warehouse in California like ours is equipped with the most updated online software for inventory management. We share this inventory management system with all our clients. What we are able to do is, we make the complete process of logistics accessible to our customers. And it helps everyone to know the exact status of product right from the stocks of a dealer until the delivery is done. The only thing one needs to have in hand is the order tracking number. Such inventory management systems are mostly cloud based and easily accessed online by a mere click of the button.

Quite a vast and productive business revolves around california warehousing. In the recent times it is receiving more attention just like the e-commerce. As the competition rises it is very important for a warehouse service provider to give all the necessary and extraordinary services to keep the existing customers satisfied. We, at DLX not only offer satisfactory services to our in-hand customers, but also make sure new ones keep pouring.

We are persistently paying attention on perfection and performance to satisfy the needs of our customer. By implying all our skill, competence, and concern we can assure that we will resolve every logistics necessities of yours. May it be contract warehousing or public warehousing? We are capable of giving extensive array of delivery solutions like the same-day delivery, on-demand delivery, just in time delivery and hot spot delivery. The staffs of Delivery Lane Express are totally absorbed to serve every delivery demand of customers. We want to carry on with our principles and services so that we can achieve success.

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