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Facts Everyone Should Know About Warehouse Distribution Centre

Warehouse Distribution Centre

Delivery Lane Express caters services for various warehousing needs. Whether you are running a local business or an e-com company you need to reach far and wide. To help you in achieving greater business goals you can outsource our flexible warehousing services. We are capable of fulfilling all your challenging business demands related to distribution or supply. This will allow you to focus on serious matters of business. We, DLX, would provide the best services of a warehouse distribution center at very reasonable rate. This would bring down your total costs of distribution.

A distribution warehouse is vital fraction of a supply chain. This is the Place where a shipment is stored when it arrives from producer before it is deliver to a customer or retailer. Our distribution warehouse facility is situated in Hayward, California, which is totally secured and have climate control provision. Our experience in logistics is of more than 18 years. We are technically skilled to manage cross-docking and other logistic methods which involve expedited services. DLX provides assistance to its clients 24×7 to transport and deliver various shipments. Delivery Lane Express is even capable of providing a range of Customer Centric IT Solutions for each kind of businesses. We believe in building a healthy relationship with our clients.

Why to Prefer DLX?

During the recent times the supply chain network has progressed from being linear and sequential process to extremely forceful process. It requires giving out visibility and real-time updates among all in the network together with drawing out resolutions. All the movements that surround the supply chain are handled by SCM, which is Supply Chain Management. It is the dynamic combination and management of supply chain activities to deliver satisfaction to the consumers. These counts for the attempts between all the businesses of a supply chain both externally and internally.

Before you opt to use our warehouse distribution you must be well aware how we work. We believe in setting up easy to understand ‘key performance indicators’ with our clients. The ‘key performance indicators’ assess the achievements of a business or a certain activity. It is a calculable value that reveals how successfully a business realizes its major objectives in business. It is not that we simply speak of such measures; we put our words to action. We would be working in tandem to attain the goals your business aims for. To bring out better results all the logistics approaches are constantly kept under tracking. It involves picking precision of shipments from docks to the stocks, timely staging, time taken for loading and organizing & categorizing orders of customers. Such tracking is done with the use of best available highly developed technology.

Having a warehouse distribution center provides us with options to balance your distribution procedures within a less amount of time. We have a widespread warehouse distribution services comprising of picking, packaging, cross-docking, delivery, inventory management, and transportation. We are capable of offering you all the essential distribution services meant for your success. Some of which can be counted as value-added services.

Other Features of DLX Distribution Services

Other than the elements, discussed above, we are also adept of providing few other services related to distribution warehouse:-

  • We are best known for our ability to make deliveries on time. We have achieved commendable rate of success in delivering products which requires climate controlled conditions. Among many products of retail, we deal with fresh items, dairy products and above all life saving medicines too.
  • We also make proper arrangements in packaging of shipments. Using the latest technology in packaging we assure safety of your shipments. We can also regulate the packaging method as per your particular requirements.
  • Inventory management with total effectiveness allows us to meet the demands of a supplier or a customer. To manage the inventory effectively we take the support of latest analytics synced with our warehouse. This enables to know the status of stocks.
  • Our warehouse distribution center is located in the middle of Hayward city. This makes transportation hassle free. We are in a spot from where using the road or the rail seems much uncomplicated.

Delivery Lane Express is a logistics provider but it also offers services of warehouse distribution. They help to deliver products where it is to be. We not only cover the Californian region but also few of the adjoining areas. DLX do have a team of skilled professionals who can provide the best solutions for warehousing and supply chain. Our distribution warehouse is equipped with all the modern and necessary equipments. We are also handling transportation and distribution of various other industries. Automotive, Healthcare, Military, Refineries, Technical and Entertainment are some such industry.

Why to Outsource a Warehouse?

If you haven’t implemented warehouse management system in your business you are missing an important component for achieving success. Outsourcing warehouse will give you further the services of order fulfillment, managing inventory and shipping or transportation. As we, the warehouse distribution providers handle all the necessary aspects; you can pay attention to other crucial business matters like sales and marketing. You would be provided with very reasonable and personalized solutions. You might be an owner of big business or a small one; we will provide you solutions based on your accurate requirement.

When you outsource our warehouse distribution center you won’t be spending your revenue on purchasing vehicles, purchasing facilities or buildings and employing an extra workforce to work. We have our own skilled and experienced staffs who handle all the warehousing activities with ease. Our services of warehouse distribution also engage few other eminent services that arrange delivery of the products. We pack the products and would label them too.

Your business related logistics will be best taken care by us. Our broad range of clients will make you understand why we are such a leading name in logistics. Our distribution warehouse has been maintained perfectly to offer some of these qualities:-

  • Storage for long & short duration
  • Safety measures
  • 24×7 Strict Vigilance using CCTV, outside & inside
  • Alarm System
  • Restricted Entry of everyone to the office or server room or even to the warehouse
  • Qualified and trained employees
  • Employees appointed after background checks
  • The facility is patrolled by security personnel every night and also on holidays and weekends

If you want to know more regarding Delivery Lane Express, you can get in touch with us. You can come up to us with any kind of logistic query and we will provide you with fast, reliable and professional solutions.

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